Exposing the liars, crooks and hypocrites that won Brexit

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

Democracy, fair play and the rule of law are values we Brits hold above almost all others. Indeed, the more laudable motivations behind many who voted to leave the European Union in June 2016 were founded on just these principles. As the Brexit crisis deepens, the more the truth of what we were sold, and the people who sold it to us, is being uncovered. The home-grown ‘elites’ who ‘bought’ Brexit by undermining our democracy, and the demagogues and plutocrats who played the people with thinly veiled populist rhetoric, were either ignorant or unconcerned about the complexity – or even the possibility – of delivering on their promises.

The Johnson Files

Boris Johnson. Front man of the corrupt Vote Leave campaign. Serial liar, racist and homophobe. Incompetent Mayor of London. Embarrassment as Foreign Secretary


19.6.2019 – Politicians bring claim against Met Police over Brexit Referendum campaign expenses. Read more…

18.6.2019 – Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party ordered to check donations and refund where necessary. Read more…

21.5.2019 – Nigel Farage to face EU Parliament for rule breaking over Arron Banks funding. Read more…

19.3.2019 – Vote Leave fined a further £40,000 for breaking privacy laws. Read more…

18.3.2019 – Robert Mercer Fueling Multimillion Dollar Anti-Muslim Propaganda Industry. Read more…


Nigel Farage’s mysteriously funded Brexit Party is at last being put under the spotlight, but does the Electoral Commission have the power to police it?

Nigel Farage is the prime mover of Brexit. He has developed links with Far Right groups from the US to Russia and has been called Britain’s most dangerous man

What does the UK’s official political regulator make of the Brexit campaigns and what is it doing about the lies and cheating?

UK Electoral Commissions refers Leave.EU founder Arron Banks to UK National Crime Agency for alleged breaches of electoral law

Leave.EU fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission for offences committed under electoral law, now under investigation by the ICO

Official Brexit campaign Vote Leave fined by the Electoral Commission
for multiple offences committed under electoral law

Head of UK Statistics Authority say’s Leave Campaign’s £350 million to the NHS slogan is a clear misuse of official statistics

What happened to Project Fear? We discuss the key projections on Project Fear and where we stand today   

A comprehensive list of Leave Lies and disinformation with full sources and illustrated rebuttals

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